Martha Stewart Partners With Crane's for Wedding Invitations

Posted on March 31, 2009

class="first">Martha Stewart has partnered with Crane's for a new line of social stationery products, starting with wedding stationery.

Megan Kuntze, Crane's brand director, tells the Berkshire Eagle, "A particular launch like this is going to be a very slow build to a successful business. It's not going to be overnight. There's a lot of moving parts and pieces to make this successful. It will only really begin to see the light of day in the first quarter of next year. In order to save 2009, it was imperative to make the difficult decision that we made."

Martha Stewart says in a statement, "I am delighted to share the Martha Stewart Stationery Weddings collection, crafted with master stationers Crane & Co. From the first save-the-date card mailed to the last thank-you note reĀ­ceived, a wedding creates a lovely paper suite. With so many choices for color, lettering styles, and motifs, a bride and groom can create a wedding invitation that will be a unique expression of themselves."

Martha Stewart was once featured in a Crane stationery advertising campaign during her modeling days in the 1960s and 1970s. There are some Martha Stewart wedding invitations that show up in's database already. These include Martha Stewart's Pearlized Striae Letterpressed Invitations.

You can view some images of the invitation on the Crane Insider blog.

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