Megan Nicole Stars in Kipling 2014 Back to School Campaign

Posted on July 11, 2014

Megan Nicole stars in Kipling 2014 Back to School campaign

Singer and YouTube star Megan Nicole is the face of Kilping's 2014 back to school campaign. The new collection features a color palette of jewel tones and tribal prints. Kipling says they picked Megan for her "individual style, a vibrant personality and creative vision." Megan is surrounded by Kipling backpacks and wheeled carriers in these two campaign photos.

Megan Nicole surrounded by backpacks in Kipling 2014 Back to School campaign

Megan says in a statement, "Kipling always had an energetic vibe that I was excited to bring with me to school. The patterns are fresh and unique, which is what I look for in back-to-school style."

Megan has some insanely popular covers on her YouTube channel, @megannicolesite. Her fans are called Meganizers. She has dozens of covers with 10 million or more views. Her most popular cover is of Bruno Mars' "The Lazy Song." It has has over 47 million views. Megan also has her own single out now called "Never Have I Ever." The music video was just released on July 8th and can be found here on YouTube. "Never Have I Ever" also plays in the Kipling back to school campaign video featuring Megan. Take a look:

Photos: Kipling