Michelle Obama's View Dress Sells Out

Posted on June 21, 2008

The dress that Michelle Obama wore on The View sold out immediately after her appearance. The Tank Leaf Print Dress is from White House | Black Market and retails for $148.

The dress was designed by Donna Ricco. She told Meredith Vieria, "I'm very happy. I'm very surprised. I had no idea she would be wearing this dress. But it’s sort of a natural happening for me, because I've been designing dresses a long time. We ship a lot of dresses to the stores, and I'm happy that Michelle chose this dress to wear on 'The View.'"

Today notes that the fashion brand update the product listing on its website to say, "Road to the White House Style."

Update: It's on back order, but will ship in mid-August.

Photographs of Michelle Obama in the dress and the dress on a model can be found on Glamour. The WSJ has a photograph of her posing with all The View hosts.

If you are looking for more about the First Lady's influential fashion choices there is a great story in The New York Times called "What Michelle Obama Wore and Why It Mattered."

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