Parrot Unveils Parrot Pot Intelligent Watering System at CES 2016

Posted on March 4, 2016

Parrot Pot

Parrot, a tech company best known for its drones, unveiled its new intelligent automatic watering system called Parrot Pot at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show. You can leave your plant unattended for up to a month with the system. Parrot says the pot will keep your plant healthy while you are away.

The Parrot Pot contains four built-in sensors. They include a light sensor, air and soil temperature sensor, fertilizer level sensor and soil moisture sensor. It comes with an app that will inform in your real time when your plant need water. You can also define the water mode so that is set to automatically water the plant.

Parrot says the smart pot ensures that the perfect amount of water will always be delivered at exactly the right time. The pot has a 2.2 liter water tank. It will be available for purchase in June 2016 for around $100.

TechCrunch reporter Frederic Lardinois talked to Parrot's Industrial Designer Vincent Bihler about the smart pot at CES 2016. Take a look:

This is not Parrot's first plant-related product. They announced the Flower Power plant sensor at CES 2013.

Photo: Parrot