Chariot Skates to Debut Wheelskates

Posted on December 27, 2009

Chariot Skates makes unusual looking skates called wheelskates. One wheelskate is worn on each foot. Each skate features a fairly large wheel.

Wired reports that the skates will go on sale in February, 2010. The manufacturer's FAQ at Chariot Skates says they have not yet decided what they will charge for the wheelskates.

The FAQ also answers the how would you get back up if you fell question. The answer is "To get back up, sit with your backside on the ground and your feet/wheels flat on the ground in front of you. Hold say your right wheel with your right hand to stop it rolling away and then, using your left hand on the ground, push yourself up onto your stable right foot/leg and proceed to stand up."

Here is a video of the wheelskates in action. Take a look:

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