Google Photos Adds Smart Albums Feature

Posted on April 7, 2016

Google Photos unveiled its new smart photo albums late last month. Google Photos will now suggest albums to its users that have been curated using its algorithms.

Google says its Photos service will suggest a new album after an event or a trip. This album will be "curated with your best shots and the locations of where you've been." Users can then customize the album, add text and even invite collaborators to add their photos.

Google says in a blog post that Google Photos will also add maps that show you how far you traveled with location pins so you can remember where you went. Google says this is because "it's not always easy to recall the late-night diner you hit on your road trip, or which campsite you pitched the tent in when arriving after dark."

Google gives this example of a "Trip to Tulum" to show how the maps and curated photos work. Many people take tons of photographs on trips so a smart feature like this may help travelers, especially if it really does find the best photos. The smart albums feature is available online and through the Google Photos iOS and Android apps. Take a look:

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