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Google is the leading search engine company. They also make hardware such as smartphones, cameras, smart speakers and more. Some of the products are under the Google Nest brand. Google also offers services like email (Gmail), storage and more.

Featured Products

  • Google Launches Google Tulip - Google has launched Google Tulip, a new technology that lets you talk to a tulip.

  • Google Launches Google Home Hub - Google has launched its Google Home Hub device.

  • Google's Smart Clips Camera Takes Short Motion Photographs - Google has launched a small camera called Google Clips designed to automatically capture great moments.

  • Google Pixel Buds Headphones Offer Real-Time Translation - Google has announced new headphones, called Pixel Buds, that provide real-time translation in forty languages.

  • Google Announces Google Home Mini and Home Max - Google has announced its Google Home Mini and Google Home Max smart speakers featuring Google Assistant.

  • New Bose QuietComfort 35 Headphones Have Google Assistant Built-in - Bose has launched new QuietComfort 35 headphones that have Google Assisstant built in.

  • Google Glass Finds New Life as Eyewear for Workers - Google Glass has continued as a business product for workers called Glass Enterprise Edition

  • Apple HomePod to Compete With Amazon Echo and Google Home - Apple announced its new HomePod device at WWDC 2017. The Siri device will compete with Amazon Echo and Google Home

  • Nest Announces Nest Cam IQ Indoor Security Camera - Nest has announced a new indoor security camera called Nest Cam IQ

  • Google Home Device Will Cost $129 and Ship in November - Google has set a $129 retail price for its Google Home device. It will ship in November.

  • Google Announces Google Home and Google Assistant - Google has announced two new products: Google Home and Google Assistant. Google Home is an Amazon Echo competitor.

  • Google Photos Adds Smart Albums Feature - Google Photos has added a smart albums feature that automatically makes albums for users after a trip or an event.

  • Mattel and Google Collaborate on New View-Master Toy - Mattel and Google have collaborated on a new version of the classic View-Master toy. The toy arrives in fall 2015.

  • Google Launches Gmail Blue - Google has announced the launch of Gmail Blue.

  • Adorable Plush Android Robot Figures - Custom plush toy manufacturer, Gann Memorials, announced its first stand-alone line of Android inspired plush toys and accessories at the Toy Fair.

  • Featured Deals

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  • Latest News

  • Fitbit by Google Becomes Google Fitbit - Google is now referring to its Fitbit line as Google Fitbit instead of Fitbit by Google.

  • Google Launches 2017 Santa's Village and Santa Tracker - Google has launched its Santa's Village and Santa Tracker Site

  • Google Buys HTC's Pixel Division for $1.1 Billion - Google is buying HTC's Pixel division for $1.1 billion. This brings the hardware team under Google's control for developing Android smartphones and other gadgets.

  • Rumored Apple Siri Speaker to Take on Amazon Echo and Google Home - Apple has a rumored Siri speaker in the works that will take on Amazon Echo devices that use Amazon Alexa technology as well as Google Home

  • Google Stops Google Home From Responding to Burger King Whopper Ad - Burger King is targeting Google Home devices with its new ad that asks Google Home what a Whopper is.

  • Google Launches Video Calling App Called Google Duo - Google has launched a video calling app called Google Duo. It is billed as a simple 1-to-1 video calling app.

  • Google and Levi's to Launch Smart Jacket - Google and Levi's have been developing a smart jacket that will be released in Spring 2017.

  • Google's Art Camera Captures the Fine Details of Paintings - Google has developed a special Art Camera to photograph famous artwork in museums around the world.

  • April Fool's Day: Google Launches Line of Searchable Socks - Google has launched a line of searchable socks for April 1st. Google Australia teamed up with retailers to launch socks with thin LTE beacons.

  • Google is Working on Modular Smartphones - Google is working on a modular smartphone. Google's Project Ara is developing a phone that could have removable and replaceable parts.

  • Google Opens Winter Wonderlab Stores - Google is opening several Winter Wonderlab pop-up stores for the holidays. The stores let people try the Nexus 7 and Chromecast.

  • Jennifer Lawrence Gets Pixie Cut, Tries Google Glass - Jennifer Lawrence has revealed a new pixie cut. She also shared a photograph of her using Google Glass.

  • DVF Spring 2013 Video Shot With Google Glass - Here is a video of Diane von Furstenberg's Spring 2013 fashion show shot by models and stylists wearing Google Glass, Google's Android powered eyewear.

  • YouTube Launches The YouTube Collection on DVD - YouTube announced the launch of the YouTube Collection today, April 1st, 2012.

  • Google Buys Zagat - Google has acquired the restaurant review giant Zagat in a deal worth $151 million. The deal was announced by Marissa Mayer.

  • Google Testing Self-Driving Cars - Google is testing self-driving cards. Google says the cars are never unmanned. A blogger recorded video of one of the unmanned cars.