Keraste, L'Oreal and Withings Unveil Smart Hairbrush at CES 2017

Posted on January 5, 2017

Keraste and Withings unveiled a smart hairbrush at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show. The brush was developed in collaboration with L'Oréal's Research and Innovation Technology Incubator. The brush contains electronic sensors that send data that can be analyzed by an app to monitor the effects of different hair care routines.

The splash proof smart brush contains conductivity sensors to determine if the brush is being used on dry or wet hair. It has an accelerometer, gyroscope and 3-axis load cells that are used in combination to record brushing data. There is also a microphone in the brush that listens to the sound of hair brushing to identify patterns. The developers say this data can provide insights into "manageability, frizziness, dryness, split ends and breakage."

Guive Balooch, Global Vice President of L'Oréal's Research and Innovation Technology Incubator, says in a statement, "Technology is transforming consumers' daily beauty routines, and smart devices have huge potential to impact how we care for our hair and skin. By using connected technologies to upgrade the hairbrush - something the average consumer uses every day - Withings and Kérastase have reinvented what a person's relationship with their hair can look like and are showing how connected devices can revolutionize the beauty industry."

The exact price has not yet been determined but it will retail for under $200. That is a lot for a brush but it could be interesting to see what the data from your hair brushing reveals. The brush will be available for purchase in mid-2017. It will be sold through Kerastase and Withings.

CNET visited the booth for the smart brush at CES. The brush is called the Kerastase Hair Coach Powered by Withings. Take a look:

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