Nokia Launches Fashion Phones in Different Shapes and Styles

Posted on October 20, 2005

Nokia has decided that cellphones are just too boring for the true fashionista. To remedy this grave problem, the company has designed some more fashionable phones, that don't look like anything that's on the market so far.

The fashion phone lineup includes the Nokia 7270, the Nokia 7260, and the Nokia 7380. PC Magazine has the scoop on the new phones. PC Magazine says the star of the phone is the 7380 which has a mirror "perfect for fixing makeup" when the phone is off.

The 7380, with its lack of a keypad, idiot-proof interface and mirror for putting on lipstick, seems absolutely made for those who are either a) too drunk to punch in numbers in any coherent fashion b) too vain to be without a mirror for more than 60 seconds at a time or c) simply loving the Japanese post-modern vibe. Any of those seem like good reasons to rush out and buy one the minute they hit the shelves in the U.S. Just don't blame us if you get pulled over by airport security because your cellphone looks like a detonator in a James Bond movie.

Here's a close look at the Nokia 7380 fashion phone in a video review from Phone Scoop.

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