WowWee Plans Plush Fingerlings Hugs for Fall 2018

Posted on February 17, 2018

Fingerlings were a hot toy over the 2017 holidays. They also won the 2018 Toy of the Year award as well as the Collectible of the Year award. The small interactive creatures started with monkeys and expanded to include sloths and unicorns. WowWee will be expanding the hit brand this year. They plan to launch a much larger plush version called Fingerlings Hugs. There were also be smaller Fingerlings Minis.

The Fingerlings Hugs plush line will launch in Fall 2018. They will have long arms perfect for big nice hugs. They will also record what you say and repeat in humorous ways. The Insider reports that the Fingerlings Hugs will also be able to give kisses, be rocked to sleep and respond when held upside down. Fingerlings Hugs will cost $29.99.

WowWee says in a recent statement that it will also be launching Fingerlings Minis this year. WowWee says, "Each blind bag comes with a surprise miniature Monkey, Unicorn or Sloth. The series includes popular, rare, legendary, and ultra-rare figures!" They will cost $2.99 and arrive in stores in May.

The plus Fingerlings are likely to be a hit. Time will tell if WowWee surprises with some stealth plush unicorns and sloths like they did with the smaller versions last holiday season.

Here's a video showing you some ways you can play with the large plush hugs.

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