Swiss Advance Makes Portable Salt and Pepper Shaker

Updated May 5, 2019, originally posted on April 18, 2010

Swiss Advance has made a portable salt and pepper shaker billed as the "best salt and pepper shaker in the world." The portable shaker is designed to protect the sale and pepper from moisture. It is also designed so it won't spill in your backpack. The two chambers of the shaker are designed with different lids so you can tell whether it is the salt or pepper compartment even in the dark.

Swiss Advance says of its shaker: "It is usable with one hand. Even in the dark you can easily distinguish the different compartments because of slightly different shaped caps. The spice shaker is perfect for backpacking, camping and even emergency contingency supplies."

The unique salt and pepper shake can be purchased on

Here's an action video:

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