The Mandalorian The Child Toys Start Appearing Online as Pre-Orders

Updated March 1, 2020, originally posted on December 4, 2019

The Mandalorian is a hit new series from the Disney+ streaming network. The Star Wars series stars Pedro Pascal as The Mandalorian. He has yet to actually show his face in the show. The Mandalorian is a popular character but the star of the show has quickly become The Child. The Child is known to many as Baby Yoda.

Sadly, there are no baby Yoda toys available for Christmas. The reason for this is Disney wanted to keep The Child character a secret so it would be a surprise to viewers. And it certainly was a wonderful surprise and revealing moment.

Paul Southern, senior vice president for licensing at Disney’s Lucasfilm unit, told Time, "It was important to us that the reveal of the new character, the Child, be a special moment for fans, and we could not be more thrilled with the response."

It would certainly have been a spoiler if toys featuring the a baby Yoda character had appeared in holiday toy catalogs ahead of the series debut.

Update: There are now baby Yoda toys appearing as pre-orders online. The toys include an 11-inch The Child plush toy. This toy has received some criticism because fans don't think the toy is a cute as the character from the show. There are also two Funko toys. They include a 3.75-inch tall The Child figure and a larger 10-inch figure.

This GMA video provides a look at some of the new Baby Yoda toys unveiled at this year's Toy Fair.

Some of these toys won't ship until May 2020. However, they are available for pre-order. You can find the plush toy pre-order on and the smaller Funko Pop! vinyl is also on

The toy pre-orders can also be found on shopDisney, which also carries a number of The Child t-shirts, mugs and more.

This is likely to be just the tip of the iceberg in baby Yoda merchandise. Hopefully, the sales from these items will encourage Disney to produce many more seasons of the entertaining series.

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