The Spider Donut from Dunkin' Donuts

Posted on September 4, 2020

The Spider Donut is a Halloween donut from Dunkin'. The clever donut design features a spider that rests in the center of the donut - right over the donut hole.

The Spider Donut launched in 2017. It was back in 2019 and we suspect it will probably return for 2020 as well.

The Spider Donut features orange and black Halloween colors. The donut features orange icing with the spider's legs in black. A Munchkin donut hole is used for the spider's body. It has two eyes made from icing.

Dunkin' explains that they tried several color combinations in the test kitchen before deciding on the final combination.

When we were developing the Spider Donut in the Dunkin' Test Kitchen, we wanted to incorporate classic Halloween colors and themes. So naturally we were drawn to deep orange and chocolate colors. From there we tried different flavor and color combinations to make the spookiest designs, and then had a lot of fun coming up with the frighteningly festive Spider Donut. This donut is frosted with orange icing with a sweet eight-legged donut creature on top, made from a glazed chocolate Munchkins donut hole treat with chocolate drizzle for the spider legs and orange drizzle for the eyes.

Dunkin' even has a video about creating spider face makeup. Now you and your Halloween food can match.

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