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No Peeps for Halloween or Christmas This Year

There won't be any Peeps marshmallow treats for Halloween or Christmas this year or for Valentine's Day 2021., 2020-09-12

Hershey Unveils 2020 Halloween Chocolates

Hershey has unveiled its 2020 Halloween candy., 2020-09-02

Plague Doctor Prop from Spirit Halloween

This new Halloween 2020 prop from Spirit Halloween is a Plague Doctor., 2020-08-30

Flickering Ghosts Pathway Lights from Gemmy

Gemmy has new Flickering Ghosts Halloween Pathway Markers out for Halloween 2020., 2020-08-25

Gemmy ShortCircuit Ghoul Ghost

Gemmy has a new projection Halloween inflatable out for Halloween 2020., 2020-08-14

Animated Two-Headed Skeleton Dog from Grandin Road

Animal skeletons have been a popular recent addition to Halloween decor., 2020-08-12

Jabbering Jack O Lantern

Hammacher Schlemmer has a new Halloween product for Halloween 2020 called The Jabbering Jack O' Lantern., 2020-08-04

Colorful Troll Wigs for Halloween

You can become a troll for Halloween with this colorful Troll Wig from the Costume Dept., 2019-10-13

Ty Beanie Boo Haunts the Ghost

Ty has a new Halloween ghost Beanie Boo out for Halloween 2019., 2019-09-30

Giant Unicorn Head Mask for Halloween

This giant unicorn head mask could be the base of an exciting Halloween costume., 2019-09-02

Animated Dark Night Dragon for Halloween 2019

This large 6-foot tall animated, motion-activated dragon is perfect for your fantasy-themed 2019 outdoor Halloween display., 2019-08-06

Enormous Jack-O-Lantern Inflatable Stands Sixteen Feet Tall

This enormous Halloween inflatable of a glowing Jack-O-Lantern is 16 feet tall. It has three LEDs to keep it glowing at night. It is sold by Hammacher Schlemmer., 2019-07-30

Spider Web Coasters for Halloween

Spider web coasters are a fun and easy Halloween party decoration., 2018-10-20

Mermaid Skeleton for Halloween

Here is a unique Halloween decoration., 2018-10-20

Spider Web Poncho for Halloween

This Spider Web Poncho from Grandin Road would make a fun Halloween costume., 2018-10-18

Wacky Dancers Arm Flailing Tube Halloween Costumes

The costumes from Wacky Dancers resemble the tube man or flailing air dancers seen at auto dealerships., 2018-10-17

Cute Hamster Mermaid Costume for Halloween

Dress up your little hamster friend as a mermaid for Halloween with the Thrills & Chills Mermaid Costume., 2018-10-11

Pumpkin Patch Prowler to Scare Your Visitors on Halloween

The Pumpkin Patch Prowler is not something you want to run into in the pumpkin patch on a dark night., 2018-10-08

Kylie Jenner Unveils Kylie 2018 Halloween Collection

Kylie Cosmetics recently unveiled a Kylie Cosmetics Halloween collection for 2018 on Instagram, @kyliecosmetics., 2018-10-07

Skull Scissors for Creepy Crafting

The Skull Scissors form a skull when they are closed., 2018-10-06

Bone Rattler Hot Sauce Comes in a Skull Jar

This hot sauce called Bone Rattler comes in amazing looking skull jar., 2018-10-06

Lost Souls Skull Chair for Halloween

This large skull-shaped black chair is perfect for Halloween., 2018-10-05

Vine Arms and Legs for Your Pumpkin

Add arms and legs to your pumpkin with the Pumpkin Vine Arms and Legs from Plow & Hearth., 2018-10-02

Skeleton Toilet Bowl Brush Set for Halloween

Finally, your toilet brush can be part of your Halloween d├ęcor., 2018-09-26

Jack O-Lantern Windsock Decoration

This cute windsock from In the Beeze was made for Halloween., 2018-09-15

Study Finds Donald Trump Has World's Scariest Celebrity Face

A British study has found that parents think Trump is the world's scariest celebrity. It was conducted by British comic Beano., 2017-10-28

Crawling Monster Hand for Halloween

Grandin Road has a Crawling Monster Hand available for Halloween. It retails for $24., 2017-10-06

Wooden Vampire Nutcracker for Halloween

This Dracula Halloween nutcracker provides a twist on the popular Christmas decoration., 2017-10-05

LED Halloween Treat Bags from Yew Stuff

Yew Stuff has launched a line of Halloween LED bags., 2017-10-05

T-Rex and Hatching T-Rex Egg Skeleton Halloween Decorations

Home Accents has a 9 foot T-rex and hatching T-Rex eggs for Halloween decorations this year., 2017-09-23