Relax Your Feet With Yoga Toes

Posted on May 31, 2020

We're wearing our new set of Yoga Toes right now, and our feet are very, very happy. Yoga toes are made of a squishy plastic; you put them on your toes and they align your feet, relaxing your foot, your arches and the rest of your foot. They're amazingly comfortable, we think.

You can get them wet, wear them in the tub or just lie around in them watching TV (not that we ever do anything so lazy, ahem). Yoga Toes come in pink or green, and are medical grade plastic gel compund that is odorless. They come in sizes for women and men. Yoga Toes also has some great kits, with Yoga Toes and nice foot products that would make great holiday gifts.

You can also find the original Yoga Toes on

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