Shopping at Work is a National Pastime

Posted on November 23, 2007

In a recent poll, eleven percent of Americans admitted that they had been caught shopping online by their bosses. That's a real tribute to American ingenuity because 50% of workers are planning to shop online during work on Monday, November 26th -- Cyber Monday -- according to a new BJ's study cited by Bizjournals.

Although more than 11 percent said they had been caught shopping by their boss while on the job, the survey showed that the temptation to find a great bargain is so strong, they would spend an average of nearly an hour shopping online this Monday instead of working.

As on Black Friday -- where "door-buster" specials prompt shoppers to line up in the wee hours outside stores on the Friday after Thanksgiving for small numbers of low-priced items -- many online retailers offer some of the most exceptional deals of the year on Cyber Monday.

However the desire to find bargains online lasts far beyond Cyber Monday. The BJ's survey showed that about 50 percent of those surveyed said they do all of their online shopping at work, while 13 percent said they have shopped online during a conference call.

Thirteen percent admitted that they were buying stuff off of Ebay during a conference call? Well that certainly explains some of the odd conference calls we've been on where one person didn't really seem to be paying attention.

We think it's especially impressive that only 11% have ever been caught shopping when they should have been working. Shop on!

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