Starbucks Announces Plenta and Micra Cup Sizes

Posted on April 1, 2010

Starbucks announced today, April 1st, the introduction of two new beverage sizes in stores in the U. S. and Canada this Fall. They include Plenta (128 fl oz) and Micra (2 fl oz) cups.

Derived from Italian word for plentiful or small, the Plenta delivers coffee lovers record amounts of the world's finest coffee beverages while the Micra delivers a quick and satisfying morsel of goodness.

"Whether customers are looking for a large or small size, the Plenta and the Micra satisfy all U.S. and Canada customers' needs for more and less coffee," said Hugh Mungis, Starbucks VP of Volume. "Our size selection is now plentiful."

Starbucks also shared some recommended uses for the cups in addition to coffee:
Suggested usage options include popcorn receptacle, rain hat, perennial planter, lampshade or yoga block. The Micra also serves as a convenient milk dish for kittens, soft boiled egg cup or paper clip holder.

Some people would probably buy the Plenta cups if they were available as a real size. Starbucks is actually testing a 31-ounce Trenta size.

We find this to be a hilarious April Fool's Day prank. See some images of the new sizes on Gothamist.

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