Target's iPhone App is a Virtual Snow Globe

Posted on December 10, 2008

Target iPhone AppTarget has a new iPhone app out called "Gift Globe" that acts like a snow globe reports Internet Retailer. iPhone users who have installed the app can shake their iPhone and snow will fall inside the virtual Target snowglobe and a new gift idea will be revealed. Each time the iPhone users shakes the iPhone the snow falls again and a new gift idea from Target appears.
The Target Gift Globe uses mobile technology to turn a shopper's iPhone into a snow globe. After a shopper opens the colorful app, he selects age, gender and other attributes to focus a gift search. He then literally shakes his phone, just as he would a snow globe, and the screen is filled with falling snow that eventually dissipates to reveal a gift recommendation. He then can shake it again to receive another recommendation, and so on.

Users can touch the gift image on-screen to click through to There they can purchase the product online or locate a nearby store.
The app can also be used to find a nearby Target store. There is no charge for Target's iPhone app but you do need an iPhone.
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