Teddy Ruxpin's Digital Makeover and Relaunch

Posted on July 10, 2005

Teddy Ruxpin is a popular storytelling bear toy first debuted in 1985 from Worlds of Wonder. Teddy has been relaunched several times in his long history. The latest version is the 2017 version from Wicked Cool Toys.

The latest version features LCD eyes, touch sensors and Bluetooth technology. New stories can be downloaded for Teddy Ruxpin by using in app.

Here's the official commercial from Wicked Cool Toys.

You can find the latest version of the bear and some older models on eBay.

Teddy Ruxpin Recent History

Teddy Ruxpin also underwent a digital makeover for the year 2005 by BackPack Toys. This version of the bear read stories to kids and sing songs while his mouth and eyes move in sync. Teddy Ruxpin's old casette tapes were replaced with modern digital MP3 audio technology. The stories are about the adventures of Teddy Ruxpin and his friends, Grubby and Newton Gimmick, in the far-off Land of Grundo.

The 2005 Teddy Ruxpin was sold in a $69.99 package that included Teddy Ruxpin, a software package with program cartridge, 3 picture books, and 3 story/song books.

The interactive Teddy was also revived in 1998 by Yes! using cassette tapes.

Additional Teddy Ruxpin history can be found on the Wikipedia entry.

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