Top Pet Costumes for Halloween 2014 Include Pumpkin, Hot Dog and Devil

Posted on October 12, 2014

There will be lots of dogs and cats dressed up as pumpkins this Halloween. Pumpkin was the popular pet costume choice for 2014 according to a new study from the National Retail Federation. The NRF says 10.8% of pets will be dressed as a pumpkin.

The hot dog costume is also a popular choice again this year among dog owners. Other popular choices include dressing dogs up as cats. Batman, Superman, ghosts and witches are also among the top costumes. A dog is wearing a Star Wars Dewback Pet Rider costume in the above photograph. Dewbacks are huge reptiles that Imperial sandtroopers rode on Tatooine. The costume can be found here on Star Wars costumes can in 10th on NRF's top pet costumes list.

It is not only cats and dogs that get dressed up for Halloween. Hamsters are increasingly getting in the Halloween spirit as well. The cute hamster below is wearing a bumble bee costume from PetSmart. Hamsters also look adorable in pumpkin costumes.

Here is the pet costumes top ten list for 2014:

  1. Pumpkin
  2. Hot Dog
  3. Devil
  4. Bumble Bee
  5. Cat
  6. Batman Character
  7. Superman
  8. Witch
  9. (T) Ghost
  10. (T) Pirate
  11. Star Wars Character

Pumpkin was also the top choice in pet costumes last year, followed by hot dog and cat costumes.

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