Cat Themed Products

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Cats are among our favorite creatures and beloved companions. There are many products inspired by cats or featuring cats. Here you will find some cool and interesting cat products.

Featured Products

  • Floating Cat Face Inflatable Island for Summer Fun - You can float on a cat face this summer with the Intex Cat Face Inflatable Island

  • Pixelated Playing Cards from Kikkerland - Kikkerland has a line of playing cards featuring optical illusion pixel images.

  • Animal Shaped Pillows from Areaware Feature Cute Animal Prints - Areaware has a line of animal shaped pillows that feature prints of cats, dogs and other wildlife.

  • Cat Kitchen Timer by Kikkerland - This cute kitchen timer is shaped like a cat. It can countdown from up to 60 minutes. It is made by Kikkerland.

  • Tabletop Cat Mirror Has Cat Ears - The Tabletop Cat Mirror is a cute round mirror with white cat ears. It is sold at Urban Outfitters.

  • Joy for All Companion Pet Cats from Hasbro - Joy for All Companion Pet cats from Hasbro were designed to bring comfort and companionship to seniors.

  • Hello Kitty is Not a Cat and She Has a Twin Sister - ABC News Now managed to score an interview with pop icon Hello Kitty.