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Face masks have become a must-have item because of the deadly Covid-19 coronavirus. Information about the importance of masks to help protect individuals and slow the spread of the virus can be found on cdc.gov.

Many companies - including fashion brands - have created masks and are selling them to consumers. There are now a wide variety of masks available of all styles including some of that feature favorite characters, sports teams, cool designs and more.

Here you will find our coverage of some of the cool, new and interesting masks available for you to buy.

CDC: How to Make Your Own Face Covering

In this video from the CDC, Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams shows you how to make your own face covering. There are also instructions on cdc.gov.

Featured Products

  • Razer Developing Smart Mask Through Project Hazel - Razer is developing a smart mask through a concept called Razer Project Hazel.

  • Crayola Launches Reusable Cloth Face Masks - Crayola has launched reusable cloth face masks.

  • Ann Taylor Face Masks - Ann Taylor has launched a collection of reusable machine washable face masks.

  • Disney Unveils Star Wars Cloth Face Masks - Disney has unveiled a new collection of Star Wars face masks. The masks are available in several different sizes.

  • Staceface Mask from Alice + Olivia - Many fashion brands are now offering face masks because of the ongoing covid-19 pandemic.

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