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Gemmy is a manufacturer of seasonal decor. Some of its most popular products including its holiday inflatables. Gemmy offers inflatables and outdoor decor for Christmas, Halloween and other holidays. They also make inflatables based on characters from popular brands.

Featured Products

  • Flickering Ghosts Pathway Lights from Gemmy - Gemmy has new Flickering Ghosts Halloween Pathway Markers out for Halloween 2020.

  • Gemmy ShortCircuit Ghoul Ghost - Gemmy has a new projection Halloween inflatable out for Halloween 2020.

  • Sparkling Green and Black Spider Halloween Inflatable - Here is another fun inflatable from Gemmy for Halloween. It is an eight foot long sparking green and black spider.

  • Gemmy Unveils Inflatable Wings for Halloween - Gemmy has unveiled its new inflatable wings product for Halloween 2014. The wings are sold at Walmart.

  • Gemmy's New Halloween Inflatables Include Dragon and Giant Pumpkin Reaper - Gemmy has released new 2014 Halloween inflatables. One of them is a Fire & Ice Dragon.

  • Mickey Mouse LED Lighted Wreath for Christmas - Disney fans will love this Christmas decoration for your door from Gemmy. It is LED Lighted Mickey Mouse wreath. It uses 80 G57 lights.

  • Gemmy Launches Frightened Shaking Mummy Halloween Inflatable - Gemmy has a new Shaking Mummy inflatable out this year. The mummy appears very frightened and it looks like he is scared of Halloween.

  • Gemmy's New Dancing Santa Holiday Inflatable - One of Gemmy's new animated holiday inflatables available this year is Dancing Santa.

  • Gemmy's LightShow Pathway Snowflake Stakes - Gemmy's LightShow Pathway Starry Night Snowflake Stakes can bring a wintry holiday mood to your yard.

  • Airblown Inflatable Skull with Spinning Eyes for Halloween - Gemmy has an airblown 4.

  • 8 Foot Wide LED Lighted Spider for Halloween - These huge 8 foot wide giant LED spiders from Gemmy can light up your lawn this Halloween. They are green and purple colored.

  • Airblown Inflatable Halloween Pumpkin with Spinning Eyes - This Halloween pumpkin inflatable has crazy spinning eyes. It is made by Gemmy.

  • Gemmy's Airblown Inflatable Easter Chick - Gemmy, which is known for its Halloween and Christmas inflatables, has an Easter inflatable available this year.

  • Halloween Inflatables: Animated Skeleton Pirates on Shipwreck - The Airblown Inflatable Animated Skeleton Pirates on Shipwreck is another Halloween inflatable from Gemmy.

  • Gemmy's Light Up Halloween Costumes - Gemmy has a fun light-up costume out this year.

  • Latest News

  • Mars Retail Group Launches New M&Ms Products - Mars Retail Group (MRG) has launched some new holiday gifts featuring M&M's characters.