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Star Trek is a science fiction franchise that originated with the 1960s Star Trek television series. This series created by Gene Roddenberry is now known as Star Trek: The Original Series. There have since been multiple movies and television serise. The series including The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, Enterprise, Discovery and Picard.

There have been numerous products and fan gear based on characters, ships and futuristic devices found in the Star Trek universe.

Featured Products

  • Star Trek The Transporter Tabletop Decoration - Hallmark has created a fun new home d├ęcor item for Star Trek fans called Star Trek The Transporter Tabletop Decoration.

  • Star Trek Forever Stamps Celebrate Original Series - New Star Trek Forever stamps celebrate the original series that aired on CBS starting in 1966.

  • Build-A-Bear Launches Spock Bear and Star Trek Bear - Build-A-Bear has launched Spock Bear and Star Trek Bear to celebrate the Star Trek 50th Anniversary.

  • Star Trek Trekini Swimwear Line Debuts at ThinkGeek - ThinkGeek has launched a line of Star Trek inspired swimwear called the Star Trek:TNG Trekini Swimwear line.

  • Transform Your Bathroom Into the Star Trek Transporter Room With Shower Curtain Set - You can transform your bathroom into the Star Trek Transporter Room with ths unique bath mat and shower curtain set.

  • Star Trek Tribble Slippers With Purring Sound Effect - These Star Trek Tribble Slippers have a purring sound effect when you walk. They cost $24.99.

  • Latest News

  • Rihanna Collaborates With Dior on Futuristic Sunglasses Inspired by Geordi La Forge - Rihanna and Dior have collaborated on a futuristic sunglasses collection. The collection is named Rihanna.

  • Trekkies Building Star Trek Captain's Chairs - Star Trek fans know voyages into space are highly unlikely in their lifetimes.