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ThinkGeek is a brand focused on geek-themed items in apparel, decor, toys and more. ThinkGeek also creates and sells products based on popular comic, fantasy and science fiction film franchises. ThinkGeek became part of GameStop in 2019.

Featured Products

  • Boo Super Mario Bean Bag Chair - Super Mario and his pals would be very frightened of this chair even though it is more comical looking than scary.

  • ThinkGeek LED Potion Desk Lamp for Fantasy Fans - ThinkGeek carries a color changing LED lamp that resembles a magic potion. It is powered by micro-USB.

  • ThinkGeek Launches Star Wars Cutesy Roll Plush - ThinkGeek has launched its Star Wars Cutesy Roll Plush toys. There is a Chewbacca, Porg and Yoda.

  • Luke Hangs Upside Down in Star Wars Wampa Cave Snow Globe - Luke Skywalker hangs upside down in this snow globe recreation of the Wampa cave scene from The Empire Strikes Back.

  • Shark Attack Bowl is the Perfect Shark Week Snack Bowl - The shark attack bowl resembles the open mouth of an attacking shark. Look out!

  • Stare Into the Universe With the Infinity Cube - ThinkGeek carries a black Infinity Cube that is micro-USB powered and has three modes.

  • ThinkGeek Unveils Tentacuddle Wrap for April Fool's Day 2017 - ThinkGeek has unveiled this amazing Tentacuddle Wrap for April Fool's Day 2017. It is better than being a mermaid.

  • Marvel Baby Groot Car Charger Dances While Charging Your Phone - This cute car charger dances whill charging your devices. It is sound activated.

  • Star Trek Trekini Swimwear Line Debuts at ThinkGeek - ThinkGeek has launched a line of Star Trek inspired swimwear called the Star Trek:TNG Trekini Swimwear line.

  • ThinkGeek: Premiere Geek Online Retailer

    Here is a video introducing the ThinkGeek concept. ThinkGeek says, "If you're looking for Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who, and more, you've come to the right place."