ThinkGeek Launches Planetary Fleece Blankets

Posted on April 12, 2016

ThinkGeek has introduced a line of planetary fleece blankets. ThinkGeek says the products are "soft, flat, fabric versions of of our favorite objects in our solar system." The collection has launched with three planets: Earth, Jupiter and Mars.

The fleece blankets or throws have a 60-inch diameter. They have a black edge binding and a white reverse. The 100% polyester blankets feature images from NASA. The care instructions are hand wash and air dry.

ThinkGeek needs to expand its planetary fleece with more of the planets and other well-known objects. One user recommends Pluto which is a great idea. This would technically be a dwarf planetary fleece but the now beloved Pluto heart image from NASA would be great for a blanket.

The fleece retail for $29.99 each. You can see how cool they look in this tweet from ThinkGeek.

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