KFC Chizza is a Pizza With a Chicken Crust

Posted on February 9, 2017

KFC Chizza

KFC has a product out called the Chizza. It is a combination of a pizza and fried chicken. The menu item has chicken in place of a pizza dough crust. It is currently available in Singapore.

The Chizza is disturbing looking with its bright colors and peculiar lumps of sauce. The ingredients include ham, pineapple, mozzarella cheese and KFC cheese sauce. Fox News reports that previous versions of the Chizza had pepperoni and green peppers instead of ham.

KFC Singapore also has some other unique products such as the Pineapple Portuguese Egg Tarts pictured below. There is also an odd looking ice cream treat with fruit loops. You can see these menu items on the KFC Singapore Instagram.

KFC Pineapple Portuguese Egg Tarts

This short video shows a Chizza being made starting with chicken that is coated in KFC flour and fried. Take a look:

Photo: KFC
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