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KFC is an American fast food restaurant chain with a focus on fried chicken. KFC previously stood for Kentucky Fried Chicken. The company is headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky. It was founded by Colonel Sanders and Peter Harman in 1952.

KFC's chicken offerings include fried chicken, popcorn chicken, chicken tenders, grilled chicken, chicken wings, chicken nuggets and more. KFC also offers fries, sandwiches, mash potatoes, biscuits and more.

Featured Products

  • KFC Chizza is a Pizza With a Chicken Crust - The KFC Chizza is a pizza variety with a chicken crust. It is not known if it is coming to the U.S.

  • KFC to Launch Original Recipe Boneless Chicken on April 14 - KFC has announced it will launch its new Original Recipe Boneless chicken on April 14.

  • KFC Launches Chicken Littles Sandwiches - KFC has launched Chicken Littles, which are snack-sized sandwiches that cost $1.

  • KFC Introduces Original Recipe Bites - KFC has introduced Original Recipe Bites, which is bite-sized chicken.

  • KFC Introduces The Cheesy Bacon Bowl - KFC's new Cheesy Bacon Bowl is an astounding concoction of just about everything on the menu.

  • Latest News

  • KFC to Award $11,000 to Family That Names Baby Harland - KFC is running an unusual contest that will give $11,000 cash to a baby named Harland.

  • Donald Trump Eats KFC on His Private Jet - Donald Trump shared this photograph of his KFC meal on his Twitter account.

  • KFC Launches Edible Nail Polish in Hong Kong - KFC has launched an edible nail polish in Hong Kong. The is available in Original and Hot & Spicy flavors.

  • KFC Pays College Girls $500 to Wear Double Down Sweatpants - KFC has been accused of sexism after using college girls backsides to advertise its Double Down sandwich.

  • KFC Introduces the Double Down: Features Fried Chicken as the Bun - KFC introduces the Double Down in 2010. It featured a sandwich with a bun made out of fried chicken. The sandwich returned in 2014.

  • KFC to Repair Potholes in Four Cities - KFC has decided to repair potholes to build goodwill.