RainGlobes Launches New York RainGlobe

Posted on February 8, 2017

New York RainGlobe

RainGlobes has announced its New York RainGlobe. The New York City Rainglobe is the first product from the company out this year. The globes simulate rainfall. They first became popular in the northwest with products like the Seattle and Portland Rainglobes.

Fred Northup, Jr., co-founder and co-inventor, says in a statement, "People love seeing it actually rain inside a globe, as it's something they've never seen before! They've seen a snow globe – but it rains more than it snows in most tourist cities in the world... so this is completely new and exciting."

The New York RainGlobe is the first design from the company that utilized advanced 3D printing technologies. They also have globes for San Francisco, Ketchikan, Washington State, Oregon Coast, and Noah's Ark.

RainGlobes are sold from the rainglobes.com website. They can also be found on Amazon.com. Here is a video about the globes:

Photo: RainGlobes
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