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Ring Unveils Always Home Cam, Flying Indoor Security Camera

Ring has unveiled the Ring Always Home Cam, which contains a drone designed for indoor flight., 2020-09-25

Balmain and Trudon Launch Luxury Candle

Balmain and Trudon have collaborated on a candle called the Balmain x Trudon Candle., 2020-09-02

The Child Chia Pet

The beloved Baby Yoda character from The Mandalorian is now available in Chia Pet form. He has his floating crib with him., 2020-08-13

Unicorn Sculptural Bench from Design Toscano

Here is the perfect bench for unicorn lovers., 2019-09-01

Crystal Cove Meditation Pillow for Yoga Aficionados

The Crystal Cove Meditation Pillow is a yoga pillow designed by Angela Kukhahn for Brentwood Home., 2019-07-23

Human Touch Super Nuvo Zero Gravity Massage Chair Debuted at CES 2019

Human Touch first introduced its Super Nuvo Zero Gravity Massage Chair at CES. Now it is available as a Prime Day launch product through Amazon., 2019-07-01

ThinkGeek Announces The Mighty Mjolnir Mailbox

ThinkGeek has introduced a fun new product for Thor fans., 2019-04-01

Oprah's Annual Favorite Things List

Oprah has been releasing an annual gift list for the past several years. It is called Oprah's Favorite Things. Discover the Oprah's hot picks for the past several years., 2018-11-07

Striker Light Mine Provides a 360-Degree Light Source

The Striker Light Mine is a magnetic hands free flashlight that provides 360-degree light thanks to its unique mine-shaped design., 2018-10-30

Google Launches Google Home Hub

Google has launched its Google Home Hub device., 2018-10-30

Harry Potter Golden Snitch Clock

We love the look of this cute clock that resembles the Golden Snitch from the sport of quidditch featured in the Harry Potter series., 2018-10-20

Amazon Launches Smart Plug

Amazon has launched its own smart plug to compete with the growing number of smart plugs already on the market., 2018-10-20

Boo Super Mario Bean Bag Chair

Super Mario and his pals would be very frightened of this chair even though it is more comical looking than scary., 2018-10-20

Stylish Sardis Column Bookends

These bookends from The Met Store were designed to resemble the elaborate marble columns from the Temple of Artemis at Sardis., 2018-10-07

Lost Souls Skull Chair for Halloween

This large skull-shaped black chair is perfect for Halloween., 2018-10-05

Skeleton Toilet Bowl Brush Set for Halloween

Finally, your toilet brush can be part of your Halloween décor., 2018-09-26

Cactus Room Scents from Round A'Round

Tired of the dull roundish and rectangular diffusers? This new cactus shaped diffuser comes in three cactus shapes., 2018-09-23

Jack O-Lantern Windsock Decoration

This cute windsock from In the Beeze was made for Halloween., 2018-09-15

Blue Octopus Wall Sculpture Outdoor Décor

This blue octopus wall sculpture from Design Toscano would make a great addition to a beach house or outdoor pool area., 2018-09-12

ThinkGeek LED Potion Desk Lamp for Fantasy Fans

ThinkGeek carries a color changing LED lamp that resembles a magic potion. It is powered by micro-USB., 2018-04-16

Ecovacs Launches Deebot N79S Robotic Vacuum

Ecovacs Robotics has launched the Deebot N79S robotic vacuum cleaner. It has app controls and works with Amazon Alexa., 2018-03-08

Amazon Launches Amazon Plants Store

Amazon has launched its Amazon Plants store. The store features thousands of live plants., 2018-02-21

Big French Lop Bunny Pillow

This French Lop pillow is very big just like the French Lop rabbit., 2017-10-25

Relax in the Osaki OS-Pro Maxim Massage Zero Gravity Chair

The Osaki OS-Pro Maxim massage chair uses 22 airbags to deliver massages and has 12 preset programs., 2017-08-15

WaterHawk Showerhead Shares Temperature and Water Usage on LED Display

The WaterHawk Showerhead tells you your water usage and temperature through its LED display., 2017-08-06

Gerber LED Light Hangs on Your Zipper

The Gerber GDC Zip Light is an LED light that hangs on your zipper. It also has a bottle opener., 2017-08-02

Animal Shaped Pillows from Areaware Feature Cute Animal Prints

Areaware has a line of animal shaped pillows that feature prints of cats, dogs and other wildlife., 2017-07-22

Minecraft Redstone Light-Up Torch is Mountable

ThinkGeek has created a torch inspired by the redstone torch in Minecraft., 2017-07-18

Lyfe Levitating Plant Pot Uses Magnetic Levitation

The Lyfe levitating plant pot uses magnetics to levitate and rotate slightly above its base., 2017-07-04

Henry Googly Eye Planter from Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters has introduced a line of google eyed planters called Henry., 2017-07-01