April Fool's Day: McDonald's Launches MmmBox Subscription Service

Posted on April 1, 2016

McDonalds MmmBox subscription service

McDonald's pokes fun as the wave of subscription service launches in the retail industry with its April Fool's prank. McDonald's introduces a monthly subscription service called the MmmBox. McDonald's says the service "pairs your favorite menu items to your lifestyle."

The service launches with three different subscription option. There is The Artisan, The Ribster and The Minimalist. The Artisan Box features the Artisan Grilled Chicken Sandwich and some crafty looking extras like yarn, a loom and a toothpick bundle. The Ribster (pictured below) contains the McRib, a plaid napkin, a moustache comb and irony.

McDonalds MmmBox Ribster subscription service

Our favorite MmmBox is the Minimalist Box which contains just ketchup and one free. McDonald's says, "Less is so much more."

McDonalds MmmBox Minimalist subscription service

Photos: McDonald's