Balmain x H&M Collection Crashes H&M Website, Sells Out and Ends up on eBay

Posted on November 5, 2015

The highly anticipated Balmain x H&M collection arrived this morning. Even before it went on sale it starting to crash the H&M website. The site is loading now but most of the items already have a red X and the words "sold out" next to them.

The New York Times reports that the release of the collection caused chaos in London. The Times says, "3,000 desperate and exhausted fashion fans clamored to get through the doors of the H&M flagship store."

There was a similar chaotic feel among Internet shoppers. H&M wrote in a tweet on its customer service Twitter account earlier this morning, "We have a lot of visitors online right now. We're working super hard to give customers access as soon as possible. Please continue to try!"

Some Twitter users noted the site was down at times before the items even went on sale. Other noted difficulties in navigating the site due to its slowness.

Many of the items that people did manage to purchase are now already appearing on eBay. You can see them here. The dress Kylie Jenner wore to the runway show is one of the many Balmain x H&M items on eBay. The pieces are likely to sell for multiples of what H&M was selling them for. Ebay likely greatly benefits from these limited capsule collections. You can still browse the collection on but you won't be able to find much of anything available to purchase.

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