Business Executive Barbie is Ready to Lead

Posted on May 11, 2013

Barbie Business Executive

Barbie brought her pink style to corporate America when Mattel released a business executive doll in 1992. Barbie is ready for business in her pink power suit and white pink-tipped shoes. She also carried a small handbag.

This was not the first career-oriented Barbie in the workplace. In 1963, Mattel released a Career Girl Barbie doll wearing a noticeably non-pink outfit. Here is a photo of the 1963 doll:

Career Girl Barbie 1963

Another business-oriented Barbie, Barbie Working Woman, was released in 1999. This talking Barbie came with a reversible skirt, computer, cell phone, purse, coffee mug and more. It also included a CD-ROM with software that let girls design stationery for Barbie.

Working Woman Barbie

Photos: Mattel