Cara Delevingne Stars in the I'm Not a Trophy Campaign

Posted on June 7, 2016

Actress and model Cara Delevingne stars in the I'm Not a Trophy campaign. The campaign was created to raise awareness about endangered species and the malicious acts of trophy hunting and poaching that are killing these precious animals.

The campaign was created by French artist and photographer Arno Elias. Cara stars in a series of photographs where she has endangered species printed on her skin including rhinos, elephants and lions. The campaign was also created to show the freedom and liberation of women and to empower young women.

Elias says in a statement, "Cara is the genuine personification of 'I'm Not a Trophy'. Truly a woman who plays be her own rules. Cara's enthusiasm and vivacity are an integral part in bringing light to our message of wildlife protection."

Cara says, "I want to highlight women as powerful figures within our society. Much like the species that are trophy hunted and displayed as prizes, women are often seen as possessions. It's time for our society to end the treatment of humans and animals as trophies."

You can view the campaign photographs and purchase prints I'm Not a Trophy website.

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