Chair Socks Protect Your Floors When Moving Furniture

Posted on April 17, 2016

Chair Socks from Firebox

Chair Socks are soft socks that fit on the legs of your chairs. The socks make it possible to move chairs without scratching your wood floors. They are an alternative to the furniture slider pads and felt floor protectors.

Firebox sells Chair Socks here in packs of four for $14.19. Firebox says the socks are already very popular in Japan. The machine-washable socks are made from an acrylic-polyester blend.

You can also find some ribbed furniture socks from NancyProtectz on They come in four sizes and six different color styles. These socks have rubberized grips on the inside to help keep the socks on the furniture. They are machine washable.

Furniture Sock

You can also find an impressive variety of handmade chair socks here on Etsy.

Photo: Firebox/NancyProtectz

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