Chopard Launches Hedgehog Secret Watch

Updated May 28, 2016, originally posted on March 25, 2015

The Chopard Hedgehog Secret Watch

Chopard has launched an adorable watch called the Hedgehog Secret Watch. The outside of the watch is a cute hedgehog encrusted with moonstone spikes. The head is embellished with two sapphires. The hedgehog watch opens to reveals the secret watch hidden inside.

The interior watch also shows a cute hedgehog. Its tummy contains the 18-carat white gold watch face paved with diamonds. The watch is part of Chopard's Animal World collection.

Chopard says, "A dedicated mechanism governs the opening of the hedgehog in the middle of its back and reveals a tiny, baby hedgehog holding a watch dial in its paws. Entirely set with diamonds, the interior of the watch reveals all the splendour of an objet d’art, rendered even more precious by its secret nature."

You can find out more about the watch here.

The Chopard Hedgehog Secret Watch being opened

Photos: Chopard