Dominic Purcell is the Face of Bausele

Posted on May 28, 2016

Dominic Purcell in a white shirt in Bausele watch campaign

Actor Dominic Purcell is the new face of Bausele, an Australian luxury watch brand. Purcell stars in Prison Break, which will return in 2017 for a new season. He also stars in The CW's Legends of Tomorrow. Both are great shows.

Purcell models the brand's Oceanmoon II and Terra Australis watches in the campaign. Bausele says Purcelle's Prison Break character Lincoln Burrows wears the Terra Australis on the show.

Bausele also says in a statement, "We felt that Dominic mirrors the tough exterior coupled with the style and class that is Bausele. And he loves the watches! His life takes him from action to the red carpet and as most Bausele watches include two interchangeable leather and silicone straps, this means he can travel with one watch that has two functions."

Dominic Purcell in a black shirt in Bausele watch campaign

WatchPro reports that Purcell says, "When I discovered the brand I was first drawn to its Australian heartbeat and as a watch fan I like the reliability offered because the brand is Swiss made. There's no denying that Bausele watches are stylish, unique and different from other brands. When I wear the Terra Australis I find it's eye catching but not flashy, which is perfect for the way I dress and my lifestyle."

Here is a short video behind-the-scenes video:

Photos: Bausele