Goofballz Stuffed Animals to Launch at Toy Fair 2013

Posted on February 8, 2013

Goofballz Plush Toys

MVP Brands will launch its new Goofballz plush animals at Toy Fair 2013. The round plush toys are created and licensed by Pawpaint Designs. They will cost $5.99 each.

The collection features 17 characters, including Phoebe the pig, Haley the horse, Cody the cow, Calli the clown fish, Toby the turtle, Kat the kitty and Dash the dog. The toys contain a tag that reveals a fact about th character. Ping-Pong the Penguin's tag says, "Penguins LOVE the snow. Instead of walking on their feet, they fall on their bellies and slide like a sled. Whee!!"

Photo: MVP Brands