Green Lantern Rollercoaster Open at Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey

Posted on May 19, 2011

Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey recently premiered its new roller coast, Green Lanter, which is based on the DC Comics' super hero. The roller coaster is 15 stories tall and reaches speeds of 63 mph.

Unlike traditional seated coasters, Green Lantern allows passengers to stand throughout the entire course of the ride. The two-minute and thirty-second ride begins with a climb 153 feet toward the sky, followed by a 45-degree vertical drop before rocketing riders through five inversions, including a 121-foot-tall loop, a 103-foot dive loop, a 72-foot inclined loop and twisted double corkscrews.

The ride s open exclusively to season pass holders now through May 22 and opens to the general public May 25.

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