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Himalayan Rock Salt String Lights

The Himalayan rock salt trend continues., 2018-09-11

ThinkGeek LED Potion Desk Lamp for Fantasy Fans

ThinkGeek carries a color changing LED lamp that resembles a magic potion. It is powered by micro-USB., 2018-04-16

Ecovacs Launches Deebot N79S Robotic Vacuum

Ecovacs Robotics has launched the Deebot N79S robotic vacuum cleaner. It has app controls and works with Amazon Alexa., 2018-03-08

Amazon Launches Amazon Plants Store

Amazon has launched its Amazon Plants store. The store features thousands of live plants., 2018-02-21

Cute Cat Face Bath Mats and Placemats

These cute bath mats from Urban Outfitters are in the shape of a cat face. They come in grey and black styles., 2018-02-14

Big French Lop Bunny Pillow

This French Lop pillow is very big just like the French Lop rabbit., 2017-10-25

Relax in the Osaki OS-Pro Maxim Massage Zero Gravity Chair

The Osaki OS-Pro Maxim massage chair uses 22 airbags to deliver massages and has 12 preset programs., 2017-08-15

WaterHawk Showerhead Shares Temperature and Water Usage on LED Display

The WaterHawk Showerhead tells you your water usage and temperature through its LED display., 2017-08-06

Gerber LED Light Hangs on Your Zipper

The Gerber GDC Zip Light is an LED light that hangs on your zipper. It also has a bottle opener., 2017-08-02

Animal Shaped Pillows from Areaware Feature Cute Animal Prints

Areaware has a line of animal shaped pillows that feature prints of cats, dogs and other wildlife., 2017-07-22

Minecraft Redstone Light-Up Torch is Mountable

ThinkGeek has created a torch inspired by the redstone torch in Minecraft., 2017-07-18

Lyfe Levitating Plant Pot Uses Magnetic Levitation

The Lyfe levitating plant pot uses magnetics to levitate and rotate slightly above its base., 2017-07-04

Henry Googly Eye Planter from Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters has introduced a line of google eyed planters called Henry., 2017-07-01

GE SOL Table Lamp Contains Amazon Alexa

The GE SOL LED Table Lamp has Amazon Alexa embedded inside of it., 2017-05-08

Mario Question Block Money Box Holds Your Coins

The Mario Question Block Money Bank is a metal bank that holds your coins., 2017-05-08

Tabletop Cat Mirror Has Cat Ears

The Tabletop Cat Mirror is a cute round mirror with white cat ears. It is sold at Urban Outfitters., 2017-05-06

ThinkGeek Unveils Tentacuddle Wrap for April Fool's Day 2017

ThinkGeek has unveiled this amazing Tentacuddle Wrap for April Fool's Day 2017. It is better than being a mermaid., 2017-04-01

RainGlobes Launches New York RainGlobe

RainGlobe has launched its first New York RainGlobe. It is the first of four new designs planned for 2017., 2017-02-08

Sleep Number Unveils Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed at CES 2017

Sleep Number unveiled a smart bed called Sleep Number 360 at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show., 2017-01-05

Crab and Bird Multi Tools from Kikkerland

Kikkerland has launched a Crab Multi Tool. It contains six different tools including a knife, scissors, can opener and more, 2016-12-29