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Tabletop Cat Mirror Has Cat Ears

The Tabletop Cat Mirror is a cute round mirror with white cat ears. It is sold at Urban Outfitters., 2017-05-06

Nari the Narwhal Ambient Light

Nari the Narhwal Ambient Light is available in three colors: pink, purple and white., 2017-05-02

ThinkGeek Unveils Tentacuddle Wrap for April Fool's Day 2017

ThinkGeek has unveiled this amazing Tentacuddle Wrap for April Fool's Day 2017. It is better than being a mermaid., 2017-04-01

RainGlobes Launches New York RainGlobe

RainGlobe has launched its first New York RainGlobe. It is the first of four new designs planned for 2017., 2017-02-08

LG Unveils LG CordZero Canister Vacuum That Follows User

LG unveiled a new LG CordZero vacuum at CES 2017 with follow me technology that enables the canister to automatically follow the user., 2017-01-07

Sleep Number Unveils Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed at CES 2017

Sleep Number unveiled a smart bed called Sleep Number 360 at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show., 2017-01-05

Crab and Bird Multi Tools from Kikkerland

Kikkerland has launched a Crab Multi Tool. It contains six different tools including a knife, scissors, can opener and more, 2016-12-29

Giant Inflatable Olafs for the Holidays

Giant inflatable Olaf stands 8 feet tall and wears a stocking cap. There is also an inflatable Elsa., 2016-12-08

LuDela Real-Flame Candle Can be Controlled with a Smartphone

LuDela has introduced a real-flame candle that can be controlled with a smartphone. Matches are not needed., 2016-09-22

Rubber Whale Bathmat by Kikkerland

Kikkerland has made a rubber whale bathmat. It has suction cups underneath., 2016-08-29

Rhino Hammer Features Rhinoceros Inspired Design

This Rhino hammer features a design inspired by a rhinoceros., 2016-08-18

Pac-Man Ghost Light is a Color Changing Mood Light

The Pac-Man Ghost Light is a color changing mood light from Paladone. It is USB powered., 2016-08-08

A String of Cute Unicorn Lights

You can now get unicorn lights connected on a string from Smoko. The string contains 8 lights., 2016-08-08

ThinkGeek Announces Pokemon Snorlax Bean Bag Chair

ThinkGeek has announced the Pokemon Snorlax Bean Bag Chair. It is expected to ship in December 2016., 2016-07-28

People Shaped Buddy Hooks for Hanging Clothes and Accessories

These people shaped wall hooks are called Buddy Hooks. They cost $20 for a set of three., 2016-07-18

Sleep Like a Log on the Kikkerland Log Pillow

The Kikkerland Log Pillow resembles an actual log. It is available in multiple styles including Birch., 2016-07-18

Commode Dragon Tyrant Holds Your Bath Tissue

This dragon tyrant will hold your toilet paper for you in the bathroom. It is from Design Toscano., 2016-06-21

LightLi Unveils New Range of LED Candles

LightLi has unveiled a range of premium LED candles as well as a Bluetooth app that works with them., 2016-06-18

Chair Socks Protect Your Floors When Moving Furniture

Chair Sock are stretchy socks that cover your furniture, primarily chairs. The soft socks make it possible to move chairs without scratching your wood floors., 2016-04-17

Husqvarna Robotic Lawn Mowers Can be Controlled with Apple Watch

The robotic lawn mowers from Husqvarna can now be controlled with an Apple Watch thanks to a new app called Automower Connect., 2016-04-07