Katy Perry Launches Left Shark Onesie and T-Shirt

Posted on March 3, 2015

Katy Perry's Super Bowl Halftime show was very entertaining. It included a giant gold tiger, smiling beach balls, dancing sharks and Katy flying around the stadium. It was the dancing sharks, particularly Left Shark, that became an Internet meme.

Left Shark appeared to have major trouble with the dance routine to California Gurls during the halftime show. Videos of Left Shark's inept dancing kept popping up on Twitter for weeks after the performance.

Now Katy Perry has launched some Left Shark gear. The items include a Left Shark onesie that resembles Left Shark and has Katy Perry written on the back. There is also a t-shirt with Left Shark and the words "Current Mood" on the front. The back of the t-shirt has Katy Perry's name and the #leftshark hashtag.

Katy Perry tweeted the product news and says, "You can now be a proper Left Shark with this official glorious Left Shark onesie." She also tweeted that you no longer have to make a DIY Left Shark costume. The tweet includes a photo of an attempt at a Left Shark costume.

The onesie costs $129.99 and the t-shirt costs $25. You can find the items on Katy Perry's online store which is powered by Bravado USA. Meredith Vieira showed off the new onesie on her show.

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