Kendall Jenner Buys $52,000 Edra Boa Sofa

Posted on November 7, 2016

Edra Boa sofa

Kendall Jenner purchased this Edra by Boa sofa. Kendall broke the news on her subscription app where she has been detailing her interior decorating of her new home. She says her interior decorator Martyn Lawrence Bullard has been helping her.

The frameless sofa is made using meters of tube filled with flexible polyurethane and goose feathers. The tubes are then covered in velvet. It takes four people a week to build the sofa including two full days for the final weaving. The unique sofa costs up to $52,000.

E News reports that Kendall says, "I got super excited and bought another amazing couch. One day, I just had a vision about the entry room and knew exactly what it needed. As soon as I saw the couch, I fell in love. The 'Boa' by Edra couch is all woven and a really groovy navy with purple shimmer. It works perfectly in the space! I still have a long way to go, but am having so much fun along the way!"

Kendall also shared this photograph on Instagram encouraging people to vote. Kendall writes, "her her her her."

Kendall Jenner in Vote t-shirt

Photos: Edra/Kendall Jenner