Kimberly Clark Offers Personalized Kleenex Boxes

Posted on March 9, 2007

Kimberly Clark has decided to up the ante in the tissue wars that are apparently raging between Puffs (owned by Procter & Gamble) and Kleenex brands. Kleneex is launching personalized Kleenex boxes which feature photos of your favorite family members, pets or vacation spots.

USA Today reports that the customized box costs $4.99 plus about $3 per shipping. This is obviously more than a regular box of Kleenex but you would not expect to pay nothing for the customization feature.

Barry Schwartz, author of The Paradox of Choice: Why More is Less, is not a fan. He told USA Today, "This strikes me as the height of idiocy. It says to me that we have too much stuff and too much money."

Peggy Nabbefeldt, marketing director for Kleenex, says, "People love to express their own personal style. Now, you can take the special moments of your life and commemorate them on a Kleenex box."

Barry Schwartz is just a big spoil sport. Clearly, this isn't something you buy for everyday use. We think that these would make a really nice gift for someone who has allergies, especially children who sometimes have trouble learning how to blow their noses. You know, make nose-blowing fun. You can order yours online (update: site no longer available). But for Pete's sake, don't ever buy tissues that have that awful lotion in them: we tried them and they made our faces break out in a traumatic incident that is probably best forgotten.

Kleenex is no longer offering the personalized service but there are still ways to personalize your tissues. There are many tissue box cover making videos on YouTube. Here's one from Today We Craft.

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