Lady Gaga Stars in Shiseido Selfie Campaign

Posted on January 3, 2015

Lady Gaga is the face of Shiseido, a Japanese beauty brand. She also photographed the campaign herself as the unique campaign features fifty selfies taken by Lady Gaga.

The Shiseido selfies will run in a Japanese newspapers. Shiseido has no current plans to use the selfie ads outside of Japan according to WWD. Many of the selfies are posted on Lady Gaga's Instagram account, @ladygaga, some of which may end up in the Shiseido campaign.

Lady Gaga talks about friendship in the caption for the above selfie. She says, "Don't forget today to have real moments with your friends. Not a text, or a tweet, an Instagram -- that's all deceit. Hold real hands, kiss genuine lips, be a truly strong human force."

Lady Gaga started out the year performing with Tony Bennett in Las Vegas. She and Bennett are nominated for a Grammy in the Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album category for Cheek to Cheek. It is not currently known whether or not Lady Gaga will release a new album in 2015. Her fans are certainly hoping a new album is on the horizon. Her last album, Art Pop, was released in 2013. Lady Gaga was rumored to have a cameo in the film, Kingsman: The Secret Service, which premieres on February 13, 2015, but the cameo has not been confirmed.

The WSJ notes Lady Gaga's dog will star with her in a TV campaign ad.

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