Lady Sandra Home Fashions Launches Justin Bieber Bed and Bath Collection

Posted on September 25, 2010

Lady Sandra Home Fashions has launched a Justin Bieber bed and bath collection. The collection includes the comforter and pillow with the tween star's face on it.

Some of the other products will include towels, shower curtain hooks, bath mats, fleece throws, lotion pumps and soap dishes. Purple is the core color of the products because is it Justin Bieber's favorite color. The products will arrive in store in the U.S. in Canada in November.

Maria De Stefano, art director for Lady Sandra Home Fashions, told Home Textiles Today, "We have created different looks based on these images - we have the 'rock star' Justin, the 'laid back' Justin, and the 'dreamy' Justin -- all while keeping his image true to his fansr. The core color for most of the products is purple. Why? Simply because it is Justin Bieber's favorite color."

You can find the comforter here on and the show curtain collection can be found here. The hooks on the Bieber shower curtain have JB initials.

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