Martha Stewart Says Drones Are Controversial But Fabulous

Posted on July 13, 2014

Martha Stewart recently used a drone to take aerial photographs of her farm. Martha says on Twitter that drones are "controversial but fabulous," which is a great way to describe them.

Martha used a DJI Phantom Aerial UAV Drone Quadcopter to photograph her farm. Photographing your own farm with a drone is not controversial, but there are many privacy issues that have emerged with drones.

The DJI Phantom drone carries a GoPro camera. The photos do look very good and Martha's farm is quite spectacular. The above photo shows the flower garden, vegetable greenhouse, blueberry garden, hay barn and more. The photo below shows the Winter and Tenant houses. You can see all the drone photos here on Martha's blog.

Martha's security expert, Dominic Arena, purchased the drone and used it to take the photos. The Verge notes that the quadrotor is a more advanced drone than the one Martha's team was using earlier this year. The DJI Phantom (pictured below) retails for $679. Martha says operating and controlling the drone takes some practice but she was extremely pleased with the results. She tweeted that interest in the aerial photos was so strong that it temporarily crashed her website's servers.

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