Men's Vogue Shuttered, Other Cutbacks at Conde Nast

Posted on November 1, 2008

Staffers at Men's Vogue got a nasty surprise this month: Men's Vogue is no more. It used to be published ten times a years, but now it will be merged into women's Vogue and published twice year, in the spring and fall.

But that's not all of the cuts at Conde Nast. Portfolio is also taking a hit according to CBS News.

Men's Vogue is taking the biggest hit, shifting to bi-annual production from 10 issues per year, and business-industry last-year-darling Portfolio will go from 12 issues to 10. Most of Men's Vogue's operations will be folded into Vogue, while some of Portfolio's online components, including ad sales, will be bundled with Wired magazine.

Ad pages are down for the print magazines. Advertising is moving to the Internet and the current financial crisis is putting further pressure on the industry. In happier news, doesn't Daniel Craig look handsome on the cover of the current issue of Men's Vogue?

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