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Hiboy Launches C1 Folding Electric Bike

Hiboy has announced the launch of its first folding electric bike. The C1 has a 350W motor and 20 mph top speed., 2024-03-29

U.S. Postal Service Issues Garden Delights Stamps with Hummingbirds

The US Postal Service has launched its four new Garden Delights stamps. The stamps feature garden flowers and Ruby-throated hummingbirds., 2024-03-18

Polaris Launches Spabot Robotic Spa Cleaner

Polaris has launched a robotic spa cleaner called Spabot. Polaris bills it as the first hands-free automatic spa cleaner., 2024-02-13

Nature's Envoy Window Bird Feeder for Birdwatching

Watch birds feed right at your window with the Nature's Envoy Window. The bird feeder attaches to the outside of your window with suction cups., 2023-11-30

Catch and Watch Bugs with BugView

BugView is a bug catching tool and learning tool from Carson Optical. BugView contains a 5x power magnifying viewing window., 2023-10-21

DinoBryte is a T-Rex Headlamp

DinoBryte is a roaring T-Rex themed headlamp from the Sun Company. The LED light emits from the mouth of the T-Rex., 2023-07-31

USPS to Launch James Webb Space Telescope Stamp

The United States Post Office will launch a stamp celebrating the new James Webb Space Telescope. It will be available for pre-order starting on August 8., 2022-08-06

Mega Llama Island is a Large Pool Float from Intex

The Intex Mega Llama Island is a large pool float shaped like a llama., 2020-08-27

GlassesUSA and Victorinox Launch Swiss Army Glasses

GlassesUSA and Victorinox Swiss Army have announced the launch of Survival Rx., 2019-04-01

REI Skipping Black Friday Again in 2018

REI Co-op has announced the it is skipping Black Friday again in 2018 for its OptOutside campaign.Stores will be closed., 2018-10-23

Extreme Post-It Notes for Tough Conditions

If you need to stick a Post-it Note outside in a thunderstorm you might try the Post-It Extreme Notes., 2018-10-20

Yeti Launches Tundra Haul Portable Cooler

Yeti has introduced a large portable cooler called the Tundra Haul., 2018-10-13

The Boring Company Sold 20,000 Flamethrowers

The Boring Company sold 20,000 of its $500 flamethrowers. The one-off item was introduced by CEO Elon Musk on Instagram., 2018-02-01

Gerber LED Light Hangs on Your Zipper

The Gerber GDC Zip Light is an LED light that hangs on your zipper. It also has a bottle opener., 2017-08-02

Bigfoot Trucker Hat from Black Lantern

The Bigfoot Trucker Hat from Black Lantern is the perfect hat to wear when you are hunting for the legendary creature., 2017-07-22

IKEA Blanda Blank Bowl Can Start a Fire

The IKEA Blanda Blank is a stainless steel bowl that can be used to start a fire., 2017-06-27

Scorkl Lets You Breathe Underwater for Up to Ten Minutes

Scorkly is a refillable cylinder with a regular that lets you breathe underwater for up to 10 minutes., 2017-06-13

Emoji Wink and Tears of Joy Giant Beach Balls

Kangaroo and Emoji Universe have created very large 56-inch emoji wink and tears of joy beach balls., 2017-06-12

Sinister Blue Octopus Pillows

Pottery Barn has a cool looking octopus indoor/outdoor pillow. There is also a cool one on Amazon from Decopow., 2017-05-29

OtterBox Launches Venture Coolers Line

OtterBox has launched a line of premium outdoor coolers called Venture coolers., 2017-05-29

Stormtrooper Light-Up Hydro Ball for Pool Fun

Stormtrooper Light-Up Hydro Ball is a 4-inch pool toy that has a Stormtrooper face., 2017-05-28

Mpowerd Luci Outdoor 2.0 Light is Inflatable and Solar Powered

The Mpowerd Luci Outdoor 2.0 Light is inflatable, collapsible and solar powered., 2017-05-17

LEGO Solid Foundation Beach Towel and Minifigure Towels

The LEGO Solid Foundation Beach Towel features a colorful LEGO brick print, 2017-04-29

BabyBjorn Launches Hiking Baby Carrier

BabyBjorn has launched a hiking baby carrier designed for families that love the outdoors., 2016-08-22

Faux Alligator Guards Your Pool

This faux alligator was designed to guard your pool and initimidate potential unwanted pool visitors., 2016-07-28

Reese Witherspoon Buys a Giant Beach Ball

Reese Witherspoon recently purchased a giant beach ball for her Bahamas vacation., 2016-06-30

IKEA Launches a Bike Called the Slaada

IKEA has introduced a bike to its product offerings. The flat-pack bike is called the Slaada., 2016-04-18

Black + Decker Unveils New PowerCommand Outdoor Tools

Black + Decker has unveiled a new line of outdoor tools called PowerCommand. They include a string trimmer, sweeper and hedge trimmer., 2016-04-03

REI is Closing Stores on Black Friday

REI is canceling Black Friday this year. It will not have any sales and stores will be closed., 2015-10-26

Zippo Adds Six New Products to Outdoor Line Including a Stove and Grill

Zippo has added six new products to its outdoor line including the Windproof Stove and All-Terrain Grill., 2012-08-04