Smyth Installs Giant Engagement Ring Outside Maryland Store

Posted on October 20, 2015

Smyth Jewelers installed a giant engagement ring outside its store in Timonium, Maryland. The ring is 17 feet tall and 14 feet wide. Smyth collaborated with Uneek Fine Jewelry to create the enormous ring. The advertising agency TBC helped Smyth with the concept and design.

It took a year to fabricate the enormous ring which is modeled after an Uneek design. The ring will be permanently displayed outside the Smyth store. The ring should be safe there providing a lovestruck giant doesn't come along and wrench it free for his fiance.

Smyth CEO Mark Motes says in a statement, "Smyth is known for being 'where Maryland gets engaged'. This ring is a symbol and a testament to all the couples we've helped with their engagements, weddings and milestones, and all those future couples we hope to serve."

Here is a video showing the oversized ring being made and installed.

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